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Navigating cyclical and structural challenges in a world at a crossroad.

Dr. Martin Weder - Chief Economist and Head of Economic Research at Zürcher Kantonalbank

HST Chamber of Commerce Switzerland - Czech Republic and IMD Alumni Club Czech & Slovak Republic invite you to the presentation and discussion with Jan Romportl.

Dear members and friends of HST, February has an additional day this year!

Therefore, we would like to cordially invite you to celebrate with as an once in four years extra day. Join us at our "Bowling networking evening!"

Let's play sports and have fun together!

HST Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Czech Republic cordially invites you to the CHRISTMAS GALA DINNER.

Innovations and Sustainability in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Join us for an engaging presentation on the future of health care. Discover how the pharmaceutical industry is evolving to become a partner in every step of a patient‘s journey, from healthy nutrition, prevention to personalized treatment.

It is our pleasure to invite you to our traditional Swiss Business Breakfast that will be held on the occasion of the International Engineering Fair in Brno. The presence of our guest speakers offers an excellent possibility to take a closer look at the political and economic situation in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and in Switzerland. Representatives of Swiss companies will describe their experience of doing business in the Czech Republic/Slovakia.

Canadian, French, Italian, Spanish and Swiss Chamber of Commerce cordially invite you toCanadian, French, Italian, Spanish and Swiss Chamber of Commerce cordially invite you toa traditional ladies event! This time you can look forward not only to popular networking andgaining new business contacts, but especially to sport activities with experienced coaches!

This traditional and successful event provides each participant with a unique opportunity to present products or services of the company s/he represents within ten-minute one-to-one meetings. In addition, participants may also briefly discuss common business interests and the potential for future cooperation.

French, Italian, Spanish and Swiss Chambers of Commerce invites you to a speed networking event where you have the opportunity to gain new business contacts in one place during one afternoon.
Great and efficient way how to present your company and services in a 10-minute "one to one" meetings and to discuss possible cooperation.

We would like to welcome you at our traditional Swiss Business Cocktail to give you the opportunity to meet HST members, friends, and partners and to talk to them in an informal way. During the evening you can enjoy live music by the chamber orchestra Musica Lucis Praga and traditional Swiss specialties from Lindt and Jura. Excellent catering will be prepared for you by Vyšehrad 2000.

We would like to invite you to the Mix&Match - Working in Biotechnology event, which is being organized by CometX - Come and Meet eXpatsin partnership with SOTIO Biotech, an international biotechnology company, and The Kellner Family Foundation.

This event is not only for experts and students in the field of biotechnology, but also for those who are interested in this area and want to learn more. The event will take place on April 27th at 15:00 at Novartis Campus in Basel.


In the spring of 1970, a small village in the Valais gets into unusual turmoil: the brass band breaks up! One half of the village blames Aloys, the other Pierre. What starts as a musical conflict soon leads to a political dispute and even spreads to love.

Both chambers represent altogether more than 650 successful and reputable companies, and a new partnership will bring additional benefits for their members. 

HST Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Czech Republic in cooperation with IMD Alumni Club Czech & Slovak Republic cordially invites you to an Interactive Session with Prof. George Kohlrieser.

Kybernetická bezpečnost je součástí každodenních životů. Tento rok vejde na celoevropské úrovni v platnost nová směrnice NIS 2, která bude mít po její implementaci na národní úrovni vliv na více než 10.000 subjektů v České republice. Pojďme se společně podívat na tuto legislativu, která zavádí nové povinnosti na poli kybernetické bezpečnosti.

You are cordially invited to the HST New Year’s Concert on January 17, 2022.

With a special private guided tour through the unique Art Nouveau building and a concert by the best contemporary Czech jazz and swing singer Jan Smigmator.


Dear members and friends of the HST Chamber of Commerce Switzerland - Czech Republic, with deep sorrow, we inform you that H. E. Kateřina Fialková, Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Switzerland and Liechtenstein died suddenly at the age of 55 on November 1st in Bern. Mrs. Fialková was not only an excellent diplomat, but also an active supporter of HST. She often personally participated in a number of our events and we will remember her as a great woman full of energy and enthusiasm, defending the interests of Czech citizens and companies abroad under all circumstances.

Honor to her memory!

HST Presidium and Secretariat

Cámara Oficial de Comercio de España en la República Checa, Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic and HST Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Czech Republic cordially invites you to NETWORKING FOR PROFESSIONAL WOMEN.

In which areas can you find affordable talents? What is the situation in IT and non-IT areas? What are the specifics of the Czech hiring process? In which way you can get a bigger number of labor force in the shortest time? In a case study we will show you how to relocate part of the company from abroad to the Czech Republic and what profit you can expect.


Interested in advanced manufacturing (Industry 4.0) with the highest precision that could be vital for the development of your business in Europe?
Want to know why innovation is crucial to your organization’s long-term success?
Looking for Swiss made solutions, which provide a strong label that stands for high quality and reliability?

How a consensual settlement approach can save you and your business time and money, whilst preserving relationships.

We would like to cordially invite you to our conference Swiss Management Forum.
The Swiss Management Forum will be opened by the economist Tomáš Sedláček. Afterwards successful cleantech projects realised by HST member companies will be introduced in a panel discussion.

Are you interested in current threat based cyber defence methods? Do you know why and how to carry out Threat Hunting and how to secure your M365 environment appropriately? Can you use Threat Intelligence at 110%?

In these turbulent times, companies have to quickly respond to the unpredictable decisions and measures adopted by the Government of the Czech Republic. Is your company involved in the investment incentive regime or considering filing an application for investment incentives for the year 2022, and would you like to know how to meet the conditions for using them efficiently?

Let us invite you to the 5th meeting of the CISO Forum platform held in the form of a discussion at the offices of PwC Czech Republic.

Along with our guests from companies ČEZ and SUSE, we will discuss topics currently resonating in the world of cyber security, newly emerging risks and challenges associated with the current situation in Ukraine as well as the way that businesses respond to it. We will also present to you the possible outsourcing solutions of companies’ security incidents.

Let us invite you to the third webinar from the PwC Treasury Talks series. In response to the last weeks’ events, we have decided to postpone the planned topic
concerning interest rates and to put on the programme a discussion on the impact of the Ukrainian crisis on Czech companies and ask the leading Czech bank analysts and strategists to share their views. 

"In business life in particular, we are all constantly negotiating. And yet we experience (1) lengthy negotiations, (2) dissatisfaction with the outcome, or even (3) failure to reach an agreement. This can have many reasons, e.g. the parties, the topic (subject matter), psychology, the stakeholders. This workshop will show you how the involvement of a mediator in negotiations and/or independent mediation techniques can help you to overcome difficult hurdles on the way to a successful negotiation.

Let us invite you to the second webinar from the PwC Treasury Talks series, this time focused on FX risk management at Czech companies. During the webinar, we will summarise the macroeconomic framework in the Czech Republic, subsequently focusing on the typical impacts of FX risk on local firms and on practical approaches how to manage them .

Do you handle the VAT topic on a daily basis? Are you responsible for tax accounting and do you need to understand the VAT Act really well ? Are you interested in the basic provisions of the Act, their practical use, and in the specific conditions applicable to your company? We have prepared for you a specialised online seminar which will be dedicated to all of that.

Are youAre youconsidering the innovation of the finance function in your company inthe context of dynamic transformation of the current world of finance, which makessuch high demands on it? The mere analysis of prior periods is not enough anymore. What constitutes a prerequisite for the successful operation of your business isalso the targeted focus on the future. Individual visions must then be supplementedby specific data and scenarios, including the agile response to the constant changes.

An opportunity or far future?

Are you monitoring the dynamic changes on the Czech energy market? Are you searching for a way how to fix your company energy costs and secure it against risks? Join our next specialised online seminar from the PwC ESG Talks series where we will present to you opportunities concerning the so called Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) on the local market

Challenge and opportunities for the future of energy supply.

As of 1 January 2022, changes become effective with respect to Intrastat reporting; these changes impose new obligations on legal entities as well as individuals; however, they also bring certain advantages.
What do you need to keep an eye on in this area and why is it important to pay greater attention to the Intrastat reports being in conformity with the recapitulative statement? Would you like to know whether your company may use the so-called simplified reporting?

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our Tax & Legal News seminar and we look forward to being able to meet up in person again after a long time.


The situation concerning COVID 19 has pushed Czech companies to many changes in the area of management of business and work habits –
most of the time, we have well adapted to them. We work online, company data is online, working from home and working remotely has become a

Prof. Dr. Anna Lupina-Wegener, Full Professor in intercultural Management at Haute Ecole Specialisée de Suisse Occidental.
What you need to know to develop successful Swiss and CEE Collaborations.

It is our pleasure to invite you to the Swiss Innovation Forum at MSV Brno 2021. This year we will be discussing innovative solutions as part of Industry 4.0. Keynote Speaker is Prof. Nabil Ouerhani, who along with our reference companies, Bystronic, Heule and SFS will be presenting on how Swiss companies not only adapt, but set trends.


 Dr. Martin Inderbitzin, Neuroscientist and Pancreatic Cancer Survivor Neuroscientific insights and practical methods that will help you to improve your mindset for personal and business success.

Welcome to the HST podcast. From now on you can listen to us anytime and anywhere. Go to your favorite podcast app and listen to interviews with our members and other interesting guests from the Swiss-Czech Business community.


Some Managing Directors of Swiss companies in the Czech Republic gathered on September, 16th 2020 at Laufen CZ to exchange views on topics around COVID-19. They were in particular requested to share their experiences and expectations based on two questions. The main findings are reported here after below each question.

Dear HST members and friends,

due to current situation with COVID-19 disease, we are publishing the latest information about Switzerland and Czech Republic.

Updated 30th October 2020

"It was not an easy decision, the most difficult one I had to make. The cancellation of the MSV was a responsible decision towards the exhibitors and all our partners, but at the same time it is a corporate disaster", comments Mr. Jiří Kuliš, CEO of BVV Brno Trade Fairs Co.

Due to the COVID situation, the traditional Brno International Engineering Fair, scheduled for October 5 – 9, held regularly since 1959 at the Brno Exhibition Center, in the Czech Republic has been canceled.

Where will the trends in commercial real estate take us in the post-coronavirus era?

The CBRE Art of Space Awards, continuing in the tradition of the five successful years of the CBRE Meeting Room of the Year awards, has announced the winners. The ten-member panel of judges headed by the renowned architect Eva Jiřičná chose them from almost 250 applications in the 6 main categories across the entire spectrum of commercial properties. The evaluation criteria were current trends reflected in practical utilisation, design, new technologies and environmental-friendliness.

Dear all,

Firstly, we hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and staying safe during these complicated times.

In the Czech Republic and around the world, we are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and are thinking about how to protect ourselves and our loved ones. The Czech government has decided to close schools, most shops and services. People are encouraged to work from home, but not everyone has such an option. CBRE, the world leader in commercial real estate services, has therefore decided to financially support women from the Single Mothers Club, who are all alone in raising children and often find themselves in a difficult financial situation. According to available information from organizations supporting this group of people, financial support for single mothers may only be enough to pay their rent. This means parents who are unable to work currently are in an impossible situation.

It was a unique opportunity to visit the scientific cluster STAR with Biocev, ELI Beamlines and HiLASE on the outskirts of Prague. Over 60 interested participants gathered on Friday morning, 6th March and were welcomed by the Chairman of the Management Board of STAR cluster and Mayor of Dolní Březany, Věslav Michalik, by Ms. Kateřina Fialková, Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Switzerland, Mr. Dominik Furgler, Swiss Ambassador in Prague and Mr. Petr Očko, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade in the Czech Republic.

The Embassy of Switzerland in the Czech Republic, the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland - Czech Republic and the IDEA think tank of CERGE-EI have the plasure to invite you to a public lecture and discussion.


HST Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Czech Republic in cooperation with IMD Alumni Club Czech & Slovak Republic cordially invite you to their Business Forum in cooperation with IMD.



The upcoming Crowdberry investors evening in Prague will feature profitable SMEs and fast growing startups, expanding on their domestic and international markets.

Czech Management Association and its International Club would like to invite you to a conference and panel discussion. The conference is organized in co-operation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and will be held under the auspices of minister Tomáš Petříček.

ABCD invites you to the opening reception for three photographic exhibition of Swiss photographer Mario Del Curto. 

Martin Puchwein has been the new Country President for the Czech Republic and Managing Director of Novartis since November 2018. We are glad to have the opportunity to meet him personally, to hear about his assignment and his priorities within Novartis. It will be exciting to obtain details about the Novartis Global Service Center that has been founded in 2014 and is one of the five NGSC worldwide offering complex services in IT, finance, purchasing, HR and facility management.


HST chamber of commerce Switzerland – Czech Republic and Belimo invite you to their Christmas concert.

Take the opportunity to meet the president of UEFA on November 21 at 2pm in Nyon!

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Bern in cooperation with Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Czech Republic HST and CzechInvest organise an afternoon business session for Swiss and Czech partners. The goal of this event is to strengthen bilateral Czech – Swiss cooperation in the field of engineering.


Deloitte is seeking the new trends in HR. Take part in the next edition of the company’s Global Human Capital Trends survey. Last year, firms in the Czech Republic quoted well-being, employee data and the changing career model to be of the greatest importance. What will in your opinion shape the world of human resources in 2019?


This year you can look forward to an exklusive tournament, that takes place on Monday, 23rd July 2018 on the golf course of Beroun Golf Club – the first not public golf club in the Czech Republic. In addition to the 18-hole tournament, a golf academy under the guidance of a professional golf trainer will be available for those of you who want to learn the basics of golf. For non-golfers and accompanying persons, there will be activities on site.


Everybody speaks about E-Mobility. Do we need to pay attention to this phenomenon? Can we be relaxed about it or should we be concerned? In our private live, in our business or regarding our society and

These are the questions we would like to discuss during the SWISS MANAGEMENT FORUM 2018.


Networking of foreign chambers of commerce.

HST Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Czech Republic and IMD Alumni Club Czech & Slovak Republic Invite you to their seminar Leading Digital Business Transformation.

HST Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Czech Republic and the companies Wine World a Lindt invite you to their Tasting of Swiss wine and chocolate.

HST Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Czech Republic and French – Czech Chamber of Commerce invite you to skiing with the Skiers association and the cross-country skiing world champion Martin Koukal.

HST Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Czech Republic In cooperation with IMD Alumni Club Lausanne kindly invite you to seminar WHAT NEXT in Family and Private Business

Are you a leader in the life science and healthcare sector? Do you have market access? Are you interested in new trends? Do you want to know how business models will transform by 2022 and what role technology will have in providing healthcare services?

Attend our conference entitled Life Science and Healthcare Predictions 2022 and find out more about future developments.

Four unique evenings to support the artistic activities of the PKF – Prague Philharmonia in close cooperati on with the Lobkowicz family.

We are pleased to announce that we have been named the 2017 winner of the Best Client Service Law Firm of the Year at the tenth annual Law Firm of the Year awards. We are deeply honoured to receive this prestigious accolade, as it represents a confirmation from our clients of the high quality of our services.


HST Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with CzechInvest, Deloitte and ABSL invites you to a joint conference, which will be held on 8 November in Zurich.

HST Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Czech Republic kindly invite you to Business Lunch with Tuba Albayrak.

We invite you to discuss the topic of Brexit from both the Swiss and the Czech point of view.

HST Chamber of Commerce Switzerland Czech Republic and Switzerland Tourism kindly invite you to the Swiss Food Festival. The Festival will take place in partner restaurants and cafes during the whole week. (October 2nd – 7th). Main part is planned on Saturday at Náplavka Farmers Market. There will be prepared stands with chocolate, cheese and other Swiss products. We prepare for you a competition. You can win the week stay in Switzerland or other products with swiss topic. 


HST Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Czech Republic and Companies Wine World and Swiss Cheese kindly invite you to Swiss Wine tasting.


Embassy of Switzerland in Prague and think tank IDEA at the Economics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences invite you to attend a lecture followed by a panel discussion


Networking of foreign chambers of commerce.


Akce se koná pod záštitou 1. místopředsedy vlády pro ekonomiku a ministra financí Andreje Babiše a ministryně pro místní rozvoj Karly Šlechtové.



HST Chamber of Commerce Switzerland - Czech Republic in association with PwC Czech Republic cordially invite you to the workshop Practical impact of the Swiss VAT law changes in 2018 - special attention to foreign companies doing business in Switzerland. View into the VAT world in 2020.

It is our pleasure to invite you for business lunch with Ms. Tanja Vainio, Country Managing Director of ABB Czech Republic. You will have the opportunity to discuss current trends of digitalization of industry and to see and learn more about remarkable technologies – ABB’s YuMi® the world’s first truly collaborative robot and Microsoft HoloLens enabling you to work with your digital content as part of the real world.

HST Chamber of Commerce Switzerland - Czech Republic kindly invites members and friends to HST New Years Concert.


We are delighted to announce that PRK Parners has been awarded the overall prize for 2016 Best Domestic Law Firm of the Year in the Czech Republic at the ninth annual Law Firm of the Year awards. They have also been named 2016 Best Law Firm of the Year in two categories: Banking & Finance and Company Law.


HST invites you to a unique project Anne to view the sky without fear inspired by the story of Anne Frank brings a message about the dangers of blind hate on the scene of DISK Theatre by Prague Opera Studio.

Next year, in January 27, at the day dedicated to the commemoration of victims of the Holocaust, premiere of musical performance combining unique play of mimes with opera singing will be introduced in the theater DISK in Prague. The opera "Anne, fearless look to the sky” inspired by the fate of Anne Frank will be introduced in international Czech-Swiss casting.


HST in cooperation with Charity Advent Market Team and Fond Act for Others kindly invite you to Charity Advent Market which held 25th to 27th November.

HST Invites you to visit the 2nd of the trade fair. Scientists and innovative companies meet and discuss their possible mutually fruitful cooperation ate the Trade Fair Science Research Innovation.


Let the stories of art entice you. Take the opportunity to get to know the orchestra and the remarkable Lobkowicz heritage from up-close. Invite your friends or your business partners to share with you an unforgettable evening and at the same time support the artistic goals of PKF – Prague Philharmonia.


Dorma and Kaba are now dormakaba. Our merger underscores our commitment to you, our customer. We offer products, solutions and services for secure access to buildings and rooms – now all from a single source. With more than 150 years of experience, we stand for security, sustainability and reliability. And with this foundation we want to remain at your side as a skilled partner.


Come to taste on October 10-16 Swiss specialties, which are prepared for you in selected restaurants and cafes in Prague. On Friday evening - aperitif in front of Mosaic House with the sounds of alpine horns. On Saturday at farmers' market on Náplavka will be available stands with Swiss cheese, chocolate and other specialties.


Are you considering entering the Swiss market or developing your business relations? Then the seminar Swiss Business Breakfast prepared in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic is exactly for you. The conference includes lectures, a panel discussion and meetings with respected experts.


For the first time in its history, the Czech Republic will be the scene of one of Europe's biggest comedy festivals. The PRAHAha International Comedy Festival will target not only Czech audiences, but especially English and German-speaking fans of stand-up performances. It promises the participation of 50 comedians from all over the world.

We have much pleasure in inviting you to visit our stand A31 and to attend the workshop on Czech R&D in the life science sector that will be held as a part of the Industry Symposium at the MipTec Exhibition during Basel Life Science Week.


Dear Ladies and gentleman we would like to invite you to the concert of Swiss Orchestra Camerata Helvetica.in cooperation with Jitka Hosprová und Eva Garajová.

Concert will be held on September 9th, 7 p.m. In St. Rocha Church, Strahovské nádvoří 1/132, Praha 1
Voluntary entry.


The date of Iran-Central European Business summit 2016 was moved to March 2017.

On January 16, 2016, Iran has completed the necessary steps in a deal to restrict its nuclear program, meaning international economic sanctions are lifted. Now Iran with its 80 million inhabitants is a whole new market for European companies.



Your opportunity to do business in Eastern Europe!

Meet potential suppliers of the MEM-industries (metal processing, mechanical and electrical engineering) and meet interesting potential business partners. The Business Mission will be tailored to the needs of the participants.


Contribution of Swiss companies to the Czech companies and society: an impact assessment.


Today’s national economies need to be ever more knowledge-based and internationally integrated to retain
their competitive edge in the global environment. This year’s Swiss Management Forum will look at how
Swiss ideas and Czech skills can work together to create a successful combination.


HST Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Czech Republic, French – Czech Chamber of Commerce, Netherlands – Czech Chamber of Commerce, and Italian – Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry invite you to skiing with the Skiers association and the cross-country skiing world
champion Martin Koukal.


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