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The upcoming Crowdberry investors evening in Prague will feature profitable SMEs and fast growing startups, expanding on their domestic and international markets.

You can meet the founders and try out the revolutionary novel hockey tape SPECTER HOCKEY used by elite players of the NHL, taste premium yoghurts from a profitable family mini-dairy shop Malý Gazda entering the Czech market and discover the software solutions for returned goods in eCommerce from the founder of Retino. Finally, a fourth participant will be announced at the event, a profitable, multi-million euro revenue company
which is a leader in its segment in Central and Eastern Europe.


WHEN: 27. 3. 2019 at 18:00

WHERE: Crowdberry, Jindřišská 939/20, Praha 1

 To sign up for the event, please complete your registration on www.crowdberry.eu/en/events.





Partneři / Partners

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