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Do you know what tax authorities are increasingly interested in when carrying out tax inspections? In price setting of financial transactions between related entities. Are you interested in this topic or is it going to be relevant to you in the near future? If so, do not hesitate and attend our webinar where you will find out all about financial transactions in transfer pricing.

We help our clients and colleagues with their personal and professional development and to achieve the targets they have set.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
In association with ESG, we often hear the term “carbon footprint”. However, the entire Environmental, Social and Governance concept goes way beyond decarbonisation.

Are you interested in the sharing economy, also called Gig-Economy? Do you know how to use it and set up your business model properly or hire new team members, and which risks to avoid?

This time, we will bring you the latest news concerning the following areas:
● Windfall tax (tax levied on an unforeseen or unexpectedly large profit),
● Modification of sanctions system for VAT control statements,
● Impact of energy prices and higher interest rates on transfer pricing, or
● Legal changes to work-from-home rules.

R&D tax deductions constitute an interesting way how to reduce income tax for taxpayers carrying out research and development activities. Despite the fact that the calculation of such deduction itself is not too complicated, claiming the deduction in tax declarations duly and properly can become tricky. Besides the legislation, the conditions are affected significantly by the judicial decisions made by the Supreme Administrative Court. Last but not least, even the practices of the Czech Financial Administration during tax inspections play a major role.

Would you like to find out how to arrange your charts in a simplified and organised way, to avoid the endless work in Excel and to save hours of your time?
We invite you to a seminar where the modern Alteryx tool , which unifies analytics, data science and process automation, will be introduced

Is your company involved in the import of goods and raw materials to the EU? In July 2021, the European Union adopted a proposal for a new tariff on emissions produced by third country companies importing goods to the European market.
We would like to invite you to a webinar where we will present to you the current obligations associated with the carbon border adjustment mechanism, the administrative stage of which will likely become applicable already as of 1 January 2023.

Did you know that, along with the latest development of EU legislation, efficient data governance becomes a legal requirement for artificial intelligence and a necessity for the implementation of new data sources?

Let us invite you to a webinar with specialists in data management, AI, and automation tools . Along with our guests, we will focus on the development of EU legislation in this area which affects the needs and requirements regarding data governance and use within companies.

The traditional Crowdberry investors’ evening is finally happening in person again – on 31.5. at 18:00 - this time in the new Crowdberry premisses in the city center – historical building of the Harrachovsky palac, Jindrisska 20.

We cordially invite you to the 3rd European Valuation Conference organised under the auspices of the European Chapter of ASA aimed at sharing experience on current issues as well as practical experience in the area of valuation in disputes.

According to our clients’ experience, one of the key areas of income tax inspection focused on by tax offices is transfer pricing . Every company closing a deal with related parties may be sooner or later in the position of a controlled entity.

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