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The situation concerning COVID 19 has pushed Czech companies to many changes in the area of management of business and work habits –
most of the time, we have well adapted to them. We work online, company data is online, working from home and working remotely has become a

But what does the “new normal” mean to companies from the perspective of inspection performed by government officials? What has changed in this area and how to actually get ready for the inspection? 
This topic will be presented at our specialised webinar from the PwC ESG Talks series; we will focus on weaknesses and FAQ concerning the inspection by the Office for the Protection of Competition, tax offices or the State Labour Inspection Office.
The Whistleblowers Protection Bill will also be discussed at the webinar along with value creation through ESG practices the area of Governance this time.





Changes to public sector and companies 
Petra Kinclová , attorney at law at PwC Legal
Inspection by Office for the Protection of Competition and European Commission Dawn Raids
Kateřina Mandulová , attorney at law at PwC Legal
Inspection by Tax Office: tax inspection, transfer pricing
Radim Hanák , attorney at law at PwC Legal
Michal Honzíček , tax specialist at PwC
Inspection by Tax Office and Labour Office: Antivirus Programme and COVID 19 related support 
Miloš Sochor, attorney at law at PwC Legal
Forensic Services and online data subject to company inspection
Pavel Jankech , specialist in forensic technologies at PwC
Efficient compliance programme
Internal process enhancement and value creation through ESG practices

Webinar will be held in Czech. Attendance is free of charge.
Feel free to contact Iva Sádlová at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with respect to any organisation issues related to the even t


Please note: Photographs and/or audio/video recordings can be taken at the event and subsequently used within internal and external promotional activities of PricewaterhouseCoopers Česká republika , s.r.o. o., generally at the company website and on social networks to arrange follow up communication with event participants and similar or follow up events. More information about our Privacy Statement can be found here: https://www.pwc.com/cz/en/o nas/ochrana osobnich udaju.html
Should you prefer to be excluded from the recording (photographs, audio or video material), please contact the event organise r. The recordings will be kept for the aforementioned purposes for the necessary period of time and for 12 months at maximum.



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