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Prof. Dr. Anna Lupina-Wegener, Full Professor in intercultural Management at Haute Ecole Specialisée de Suisse Occidental.
What you need to know to develop successful Swiss and CEE Collaborations.


December 7th, 2021
11:00 - 11:45 CET, online webinar

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About this webinar:
The new digital economy has further internationalized our value chains and the way we do business. From colleague, outsource partner, customers and even our neighbors and friends, more and more people around us come from different cultures. So today, intercultural competence is a critical success factor in business and life in general. In her session, Anna will review cultural diversity in the CEE and Switzerland. As a Polish citizen having lived and worked 20 years in different regions in Switzerland, she will share her personal observations about common misconceptions about the CEE and Switzerland. Building on her academic work, Anna will conclude with 4 keys to successful cross-cultural collaboration.

About the webinar series:
The «CEE-Swiss Impulse Sessions» is a monthly series of short webinars on exciting, current and relevant topics concerning Switzerland and Central Eastern Europe (CEE). It is delivered by outstanding speakers from many different backgrounds. The webinar series aims at inspiring, informing and connecting a diverse audience across industries and functions and thus advance the manifold relationships between Switzerland and all CEE countries.
Initiated in 2021 by the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland Central Europe (SEC) in Zurich, this is a joint project of all chambers of commerce in the CEE region and SEC.

CEE Swiss Impulse Session speaker

More information about our Keynote Speaker:
Anna Lupina-Wegener is a full professor at HEIG-VD, within HES-SO, and head of the Intercultural Management Centre. Born in Poland, she did her PHD at the Warsaw School of Economics and also today she is a visiting professor at the University of Warsaw. Over 20 years, she has built a strong expertise in enabling  effective cross-cultural collaborations for business development and building a culture of workplace innovation. She provides guidance and advice to managers and executives based on the insights she gathered through multiple projects looking into collaborations of managers in Europe and in economies in transition, especially China. She is a recognized expert on Sino-European business relationships and management in China.



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