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Syscom Instruments and Ochrana životního prostředí are partnering to offer premium vibration monitoring devices and local expertise into the Czech market.


This new cooperation bring state of the art instrumentation for structural vibration monitoring and human exposure assessment to vibration in a more and more regulated urban environment finally available. Enhanced vibration assessment will improve assets safety, mitigate on-sites risks and ensure acceptable level of disturbance to people suffering from human made vibrations.

MR3000C textOZP expertise and knowhow will ensure proper instrumentation handling, local support and services in addition to sales representation of Syscom products.

Syscom solution includes heavy duty motion recorders and vibration sensors suitable for permanent monitoring as well as state of the art Cloud Software (SCS) platform for easy remote data access through mobile networks, automated reporting and smart notifications.
The main targeted markets are civil construction sites, tunnels excavation, railways monitoring, blasting evaluation and structural health assessment (SHA) using modal analysis methods. Civil and structural engineers will extensively use Syscom instrumentation for situation analysis and preventive actions will be addressed if required. Monitoring is always key for proper decisions!

Syscom is following a market development strategy and hence contacted HST for the Czech market end of 2017. In a very short period of time, HST performed a fully relevant analysis with specific potential companies in this very niche market related to vibration. After some discussions, a short list of potential companies was selected and HST organized all the final partners’ visits. In the end of this selection process, Syscom decided to partner with OZP in order to successfully enter and develop the market. The whole process was very efficient, quick and straightforward.

This is the beginning of a long time partnership and Syscom is very glad to be able to count on very professional local people from now on. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our products or requesting a live demo for evaluation, we will gladly support.

Ochrana životního prostředí, s.r.o. offers comprehensive services in environmental protection techniques with nearly 50 years of tradition. The company provide services with accredited laboratories of physical factors such as acoustics, vibration, lighting, air protection and other environmental protection services.


OZP logoOchrana životního prostředí, s.r.o.
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Syscom Instruments SA is a subsidiary of Bartec Group, a multinational manufacturer of industrial safety equipment. Syscom is a leading provider of vibration and seismic monitoring equipment for civil engineering, strong-motion monitoring and safety related markets worldwide.

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