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Czech banks are at the forefront of digital banking maturity in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). As a whole, they rank immediately behind the five digital champions and lead a group that is referred to as smart followers, where they are followed by Norwegian, South African, Finnish and French banks. These are the results of Deloitte’s latest Digital Banking Maturity EMEA 2018 survey. According to the survey, the most advanced digital banking market is currently Russia.


Regarding the key steps of the customer journey across individual phases of the client’s relationship with the bank, ie from initial information gathering and account opening to day-to-day banking and account closing, Czech banks surpassed the EMEA average in all the digital banking functionalities benchmarked. In terms of information availability, digital service fees or social media support, Czech banks (61%) came near the best player in the region (66%), the EMEA average being 55%. However, the Czech banking market was shown to lag behind in areas such as user experience or the offer of digital banking services, with respondents not giving very favourable ratings primarily to account opening (Czech Republic – 20%, digital champions – 38%, EMEA average – 16%) and ending the customer relationship (Czech Republic – 11%, digital champions – 36%, EMEA average – 10%). Neither does the score achieved in respect of day-to-day digital banking seem satisfactory, with the Czech Republic achieving 42%, the highest-achieving country 52% and the EMEA average being 26%.

“The changing customer preferences, competition from FinTechs and regulation, such as the EU’s PSD2, have forced banks to accelerate the development of digital service offerings. Nevertheless, even if almost all of them consider themselves to be digitally mature, or even digital champions, Deloitte’s survey has shown that, according to objective data, the situation is different when compared to competitors in the EMEA region,” says Štěpán Húsek, Partner and leader of Deloitte’s technology advisory services for the finance sector.

Deloitte’s survey compared 238 banks and 10 FinTech companies across 38 countries in the EMEA region. Participants included over eight thousand banking clients and 136 “mystery shoppers” who opened actual accounts. The evaluation benchmarked a total of 826 functionalities. In the Czech Republic, the survey focused on 13 banks.

According to the survey results, EMEA markets can be generally divided into four basic groups: digital champions, digital smart followers, digital adopters and digital latecomers.

The best score was achieved by the Russian market, followed by the banking sectors of the other champions: Switzerland, Turkey, Poland and Spain. The Czech Republic ranked close behind them in the smart followers group.

The survey shows that so far Czechs have preferred internet banking (62%) over mobile banking (19%). A fifth still prefers visiting the branch. For Russians, for example, the reverse is true (58% prefer mobile banking, 26% the Internet, 16% the branch)

“The range of future digital champions will be significantly affected by the readiness of banks to offer open banking services and other services exceeding the scope of financial services, transforming from a traditional digitised bank into the role of an open platform providing both own products and services and third-party services,” adds Pavel Šiška, Partner in Charge of Deloitte’s Consulting.


To read the EMEA Digital Banking Maturity 2018 report, follow this link.






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