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A hackathon for talented programmers, a debate about the future with 8-year-olds and participation of promising students from the region – these are just some of Deloitte’s activities as part of the global Singularity University (SU) summit. The event will take place on 5 and 6 March 2018 and will be hosted in Prague for the first time. Since 2013, Deloitte has been a global platinum partner of Singularity University.


Singularity University is an educational and innovative organisation using technologies to solve the world’s greatest challenges. It seeks to show where civilisation is heading and what it will be like in the coming decades. It presents technological trends and seeks to foster and encourage discussion about the future of education, banking, artificial intelligence, medicine, ethics and criminality, to name a few.

Deloitte Czech Republic has launched several additional activities as part of the summit. “In our view, it is essential to respond to clients’ growing needs as they wish to understand what the future and technologies will bring and how it will affect their firms,” says Senta Čermáková, Deloitte’s Innovations Director.

Individual events will invite the widest possible public, ranging from children and students to clients and representatives of major Czech firms, to participate in a cross-generational debate about technologies and their future.

“We wish to also give people who are not actively engaged in business and for whom the entry fee is too high an opportunity to participate. We will primarily involve the young generation, which is directly affected by the issues addressed by SU. Young people are the ones who will be living in the future we are now creating,” adds Senta Čermáková.


Deloitte will stage multiple cross-generational activities:

  • The 3-day Young Guns Hackathon is a competition for promising teams of students who wish to demonstrate their talent in programming/coding or creativity in creating videos. The topics include automated facial recognition, chatbots or augmented reality. The winning teams will receive tickets for the conference and an allowance of CZK 30,000. The Hackathon will also be replicated in other countries where SU will be held in the future. The partners of Prague’s Hackathon include Juicymo, an app developer, Myia, a developer of interactive conference tools, and Economia, a publishing house.
  • Deloitte will also involve 8-year-olds in the debate as part of the KidsXO programme. Children at Dino Schools of Prague and the Duhovka Group as well as the children of Deloitte’s employees and clients have been offered the opportunity to convey their vision of the future through art and writing. The authors of the most successful pieces will be invited to the children’s summit lounge, where they will have the opportunity to meet some of the speakers. They will also present their works at the summit.
  • Special invitations will be additionally extended to 28 perspective students from other countries in the region where Deloitte operates (eg Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Romania).

  • An informal dinner and meeting with SU speakers at Prague’s City Hall will be held for Deloitte’s clients, with the Prague City Hall patronage over the event.

  • Three interactive Next workshops will provide Deloitte’s clients with the opportunity to meet the firm’s visionaries and experts and discuss conference insights, focusing in particular on the currently available solutions that may help their firms to prepare for the upcoming changes.
    The Deloitte Next workshops will see the participation of the following speakers:
    Future of Work – John Hagel, Deloitte Centre of Excellence, USA
    Future of Energy – Ramez Naam, Singularity University, USA
    Future of Banking – Frank Schwab, Germany


For more information visit www.deloitte.cz/SUPrague.







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