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HST has prepared advisory services that can be used by every member, free of charge for up to three hours. HST provides these services through experts and specialists from HST member organizations. The following services are available:

  1. Assistance in Resolving Business Disputesusing Swiss procedures and principles.
  2. HR Consultancy
  3. Asset Protection by using Swiss Structures.
  4. Doing Business in the Czech Republic



This assistance can facilitate the resolution of business disputes, saving time, money, and energy. It consists of three types of services:

  • Mediation or Decision-Making by Independent Experts– If you are one of the parties involved in a business dispute (over 1 million CZK) and both sides are interested in reaching an agreement, we can connect you with experts from HST member organizations who can assist you with mediation of the dispute. The Mediation Rules of the Swiss Arbitration Centre can be used: https://www.swissarbitration.org

    Disputes can also be resolved through an ad hoc commission of independent experts – so-called "Dispute Boards" – to obtain independent and non-binding advice and decisions related to the dispute.

  • Arbitration Proceedings - In the case of a business dispute, you can also decide, along with the other party, to resolve the dispute through arbitration, i.e., out-of-court proceedings. Arbitration proceedings can be conducted according to Swiss Arbitration Rules. HST also recommends including the following arbitration clause in significant business contracts: https://www.swissarbitration.org/centre/arbitration/arbitration-clauses/
  • General Business Advisory Services

In the case of disputes exceeding 1 million CZK, HST facilitates general advisory services to HST members related to:

  • Preliminary Legal Review
  • Case Strategy
  • Negotiation
  • Settlement



This consultation is intended for business owners or directors of companies where HR processes are currently being reviewed and/or corporate culture is undergoing changes by way of modernisation and the company management is interested in further improving its HR-skills. It can also be utilized by companies with established HR practices for reflection and potential improvements in the following areas:

  • HR Processes– onboarding, talent management, performance management, succession planning
  • HR Marketing– employer brand, employee value proposition, definition of marketing strategy, tactical campaigns
  • Corporate Culture– analysis of the company’s DNA and definition of values, integrating them into the company’s life
  • Employee Dispute Mediation
  • Facilitation of Problem-Solving Workshops and meetings



Interested in doing business in the Czech Republic? We can help you understand the key parameters to consider when making investment decisions. HST will provide answers to your questions in the following areas:

  • Legal Aspects
  • Taxation
  • Subsidies – Through this avenue, you can determine whether there are subsidies available to support your business venture.
  • We’ll also provide essential regional data to help you choose the best location for your investment.
  • Additionally, we can arrange online meetings with consultants who will guide you through the necessary steps for your entrepreneurial endeavour, leaving you with a concrete task list.



HST facilitates tailored solutions designed to protect your assets, with a distinct focus on the secure Swiss environment:

  • Asset Protection Strategy: Receive tailored advice on safeguarding your assets against potential risks by creating reserves over time and investing in Switzerland. Get inspired by successful wealthy families and choose a similar approach.
  • Investment Opportunities in Switzerland: Our experts, drawn from our member base, possess insights on leveraging lucrative opportunities while minimizing risks, ensuring success for your investments in the Swiss market.
  • Information on the Swiss Tax Environment: We can assist in comparing various options.
  • Inheritance and estate planning
  • Relocation: Obtaining residence permits in Switzerland may not always be straightforward, but it’s not rocket science. We’ll recommend experts familiar with the necessary conditions to help you find the right path.


Our contributing experts:

Barbara Kment
Marek Procházka
Andreas Ueltzhöffer
Rudolf Rentsch
Jan Březina
PRK Partners
UEPA Advokáti
ROSE Legal
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Resolving Business
Resolving Business
Resolving Business
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Doing Business in the Czech Republic
Doing Business in the Czech Republic
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Doing Business in the Czech Republic
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